FashionPaint CANDY Paints

FlashMagic Candy

Our candy colours match the highest requirements and will satisfy and impress every user by coverage, easy handling and the unique characteristics.

Offering UV-stability, uniform finishing and excellent adhesion are just some significant characteristics.

Highest quality will fulfil all requirements that you may have.

There are two variations available:

FlashMagic - Candy Base

FlashMagic Candy Base is a special formulated 1K transparent Candy Basecoat, which is offered in many colour variations. To do your Candy Custom Paint Job we recommend you to spray a silver basecoat first. This base has to be covered with the Candy Base.

Our Candy Base Coats are 1K solvent born specialty paints, which are mixed in the ratio 1:1 with the Multi Thinner. Depending on the number of layers and how much Candy Base you apply you are able to achieve a light coloured or an intensive coloured candy paint job. A very impressive characteristic is, that our Candy Base will allow you to finish large surfaces totally free of clouds and with a uniform finishing, free of colour differences.

All offered Candy Base Coats can be mixed in between so an endless number of shades can be achieved by experienced users.

FlashMagic Pure Candy Concentrate

Our FlashMagic Candy Concentrates are highly concentrated transparent colour pigments that can be used to tint a Clear Coat. By putting FlashMagic directly into the 2K Clear Coat you will get a colour tinted Clear Coat.

Only 3 - 5% of the concentrates is needed to achieve an intensive color depth. 250ml of the FlashMagic – Pure Candy Concentrate is sufficient for approximately 6 to 8 liters of ready to use solution.

All available FlashMagic concentrates can be mixed in between as well, so a endless variation of colour shades is possible.

Please note that we recommend this way of technique only to experienced users, Airbrush artists and for spray jobs on small surfaces.

To achieve a perfect Candy finish, you should carefully select the right clear coat. In our product range we offer different Clear Coat systems that are compatible to our whole product range. Using the entire system from FashionPaint will be the guarantee for a successful custom paint job.

  • HS Clear SB200, an excellent scratch-resistant Clear Coat System
  • UHS Clear SB300, a low VOC Clear Coat offering the most brilliance and depth to the colour
  • Matt Clear, an absolute matt finish Clear Coat with unique characteristics
  • Soft Feel Matt Clear, a matt satin finish Clear Coat with the Soft Feel technology

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